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Technology and PCBs

The world today can best be characterized by the abundance of sophisticated and ingenious man-made marvels which we use for, and in, our everyday existence in our planet. Anywhere we turn to, in every house, street and building, these technological creations are present, and they have long integrated themselves into our lives. They are everywhere, from what we would consider most common (cellphones, clocks, and laptops, etc.), to the more complicated ones (computer networks, ordering systems, and traffic lights, etc.), to the seriously important gadgets (pacemakers, satellites, etc.), and finally to the most outer-worldly inventions (space telescopes, military avionics, etc.).

These are all products of our imagination, physical equivalents of the idea, concept, or notion that originally represented them. Of course, we know what all these technology share in common – they all have printed circuit boards (PCBs) embedded inside them. These PCBs themselves were, in some way, byproducts of someone’s intellect. Someone, somewhere, had to think of the circuit design and layout, and produce the PCB so that the end products would come about.

If it is your business to create these devices and machines, then you should, among others, have reliable, top-of-the-line, and affordable PCBs. For that, we offer you, with full confidence and certainty, your team at www.pcbnet.com.

Why choose us

Rest assured, your team at www.pcbnet.com will provide you top-class service at all stages of the acquisition process. From placing your order, through the actual creation of the PCB, and until delivery of your board to your doorstep, we will be there to ensure we meet your requirements and provide you value-adding service.

  1. An Option for Online Quoting
    To make transactions more convenient for you, we have enabled our website (www.pcbnet.com) to take your board specifications and requirements, instead of the traditional means of providing us your designs. Of course, you may still send us the Gerber files and your other documentation, and we’ll take them in and get back to you with the same promptness. However, using our online quoting system should certainly make things a lot easier for you. Besides, you will be taking part in this historic attempt at revolutionizing the PCB ordering process (by bringing the quotation process online).
  2. Will ask questions when in doubt
    We want to make sure that we create the board that you exactly need, so we’ll ask you questions if and when we have any uncertainty. We can discuss them with you over the phone, saving your time if the questions were coursed through email.
  3. Standards-compliant Manufacturing Process
    We take pride in our excellent manufacturing capabilities. We have an expert and experienced team who will produce your PCBs, no matter how simple or complex the designs may be. We use state-of-the-art equipment, and we work in the cleanest environments. All these make sure that we meet the standards set by the IPC – Association Connecting Electronics Industries concerning the production of Class 2 PCBs.
  4. Excellent support
    Our technical expertise will be for naught if you are not satisfied with our overall service. That is why throughout the process, you can be certain that our friendly, attentive and dedicated customer representatives will be available at all times. You just have to give them a call and they will take matters from thereon.
  5. On time delivery
    We will deliver your PCBs as scheduled. Of course, we do our best to deliver and get back to you in the shortest time possible.  We understand that there are times when matters have to be expedited, and we will, as best as we can, try to help you make your respective cutoffs.
  6. Affordable and reasonable rates
    We understand your cost restrictions and so we pegged our rates at what we think are the most reasonable and affordable figures. We also understand that businesses have their off-seasons, and so, you may, in those instances, tell us your preferred bids for your PCBs, and we’ll take them into consideration in pricing.


If you need proof of our service, our commitment and dedication to our clients, and our technical expertise in the field of PCB production, our over 30 years of experience and our countless customers can attest to these. Feel free to check out our website at pcbnet.